Last Published February 4, 2019

Our support function ensures that the Service is operating effectively and that any customer identified incidents and problems are resolved in a timely manner.

  • Records365 has support desks in Sydney, Australia, Reading, UK and Seattle, USA.
  • Support calls and escalation support processes are provided on business days out of any of the RecordPoint service desks.
  • Out of hours is also available by prior arrangement.

Support includes access to RecordPoint support portal which allows our customers to log and track service incidents, and provides access to RecordPoint online resources.

Support tickets are automatically escalated based upon the age of the incident and the severity.

Our support team is divided into three major support zones (North America, Europe and Asia Pacific), each with a dedicated phone number. Out-of-hours support is also available by prior arrangement.

The following sections outline the support process and tools used to provide support, as well as service levels and support hours.

Support Request Logging

Support request logging is provided via web support portal, email and telephone.

The fastest method to get a response and a Support Engineer working on your problem is using the RecordPoint support portal. Regardless of whether incidents are logged by web, email or telephone, they are managed using the customer support portal and this will be the place where progress on support calls is reported and managed.


Support Incident Severity Levels

Severity Level Severity Name Description
Level 1 Urgent Renders the service inoperable or immediately stops or significantly limits the ability of all users to use the service
Level 2 High Significantly degrades the performance of the service or significantly impacts over 50% of users from adequately performing business activities
Level 3 Normal

Minimal performance degradation

Incorrect service behaviour and minor impact

Level 4 Low

General requests for advice

Clarification on service documentation or release notes

Service enhancement request

Does not fit into any of the other categories

Support Response Times

Severity Level Response time in Standard Service Hours Response time outside Standard Service Hours
Level 1 4 hours Within 4 hours of the commencement of the following business day.

Level 2

Level 3

1 business day By close of business the day after the following business day.
Level 4 2 business days By close of business two days after the following business day.

Out of Hours Support

Out of hours on-call support is available by prior arrangement. The decision to invoke out of hours’ support may be made by the primary customer contact only and will be charged according to the relevant schedule of the Customer Agreement.

Incident Reporting

Customer Detected Incidents

Upon receiving each incident request for an incident identified by the customer related to the Service, a RecordPoint Support Engineer is assigned to proceed with incident diagnosis and troubleshooting according to the standard support process.

RecordPoint Detected Incidents

For all incidents that are detected by RecordPoint as part of the Service, a RecordPoint Support Engineer:

  • Reviews each incident to assess the severity of the incident.
  • Based on the incident severity, puts an appropriate plan of action in place.
  • Raises a Service Request with the appropriate priority applied.
  • Provides notifications of the incident to the customer according to the Notification Matrix and within the Service pre-defined notification parameters.

Notification Management

RecordPoint notifies the customer of incidents and the status of Service Requests according to the Notification Matrix, which defines the following elements of the required notification:

  • The primary customer contact.
  • The Incident Management process step - initial, diagnose, update and resolve.
  • The method - telephone, mobile, SMS, email.
  • Hours - business hours or out of hours.
  • Event type priority - Critical, High, Medium, or Low.

RecordPoint will support the Service in conjunction with the Service Levels defined in the Customer Agreement document.