Last Published February 4, 2019

The Records365 service provides organisations with a comprehensively managed and operated mission-critical business records management service.

Records365 provides “Records as a Service” (RaaS) that can be specifically tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

The service eliminates the need for capital expenditure on costly on-site infrastructure and transforms the delivery of records management into secure, managed services with predictable outcomes and manageable operating costs.

On-going assessment, proactive monitoring and reporting of the service along with a continuous update process ensures hassle free compliance with your records management requirements.

The service also meets geographical data sovereignty requirements as it is available in a number of Records365 regional hosting centres.

High-availability and continuous replication of data ensures service continuity should the primary data stores fail. High availability and replication within a data centre region is included in the service.

Records365 leverages service provider economies of scale (infrastructure and skilled personnel) to provide operational savings that help drive down ownership costs relative to an on-premise implementation with in-house operations and improves service level delivery relative to what is generally possible with in-house management of on-premise implementations.

connectors Records365 is a world-first cloud based Records Management Service built for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and other cloud-based services such as Box. Providing features that seamlessly control and automate record management for these content sources. Records365 gives you full control of your information lifecycle in the cloud, ensuring compliance and transparency with no impact to your end users.
security Records365 is built on Microsoft Azure, with data centres certified to the highest industry standards ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and SOC 1 and SOC 2 ensuring your data is safe. Choose from global locations to co–locate your records in the same data centre as your Office 365 tenant. All traffic between Records365 and connected systems is secured by strong encryption.
savings No tin needed, we deal with the techy stuff so you don’t have to. Avoid the upfront costs of hardware and the pain associated with maintenance, upgrades, electricity and water. With customised subscriptions to give you the flexibility to pay for what you need as you use it.
quick deploy Configuring new connectors is easy, the Records365 Connector library allows you to setup new content sources in minutes from the Records365 Admin centre. We’ll walk you through your Records365, helping you configure the system to add the connectors you need and give you training on how best to use it.