Commercial Model

Last Published February 4, 2019


Records365 is offered on a pay as you use pricing model. Consumption is measured based on usage – per item managed by Records365 (“Managed Items”) and on the total binary storage capacity used (“Binary Storage”).

The service is available on term contracts for a monthly service fee which is based on the consumption usage.

The price charged to a particular client for a term will include a fixed component based on a contracted minimum level of usage or capacity, plus a variable component related to the level of usage above that minimum.

Billing for the minimum contracted service is annual (anniversary date) in advance for the term of the agreement. Any additional licence true ups after the service is commissioned are billed in advance prorated to the anniversary date of the service. Variable use charges over and above the base offering are billed on a monthly basis based on usage.

The fees and charges paid include standard business day Customer Support and maintenance.


Records365 consists of the services outlined in the section Service Elements. These are the core services and are included in the base price.

Additional services which are not included in the base price are:

  1. Options that are packaged, defined and priced ready for inclusion and
  2. Custom integration or other Additional Consulting Services which require definition, sizing and pricing at the time of request.

Managed Items

Managed Items are considered any individual metadata object that has been ingested by Records365.

Managed Items may include electronic and physical records as well as records containers such as Record Folders and Boxes.

A Managed Item with multiple versions it is considered a single item.

A Managed Item does not accrue any additional storage costs beyond the per item consumption charge, however any associated binaries will incur a binary storage surcharge.

Additional Managed Items added after the minimum contracted service commences are to be charged on an annual basis in advance, prorated to the anniversary date of the Customer Agreement. These additional objects become part of the new minimum contracted service.

Binary Storage

Binary storage costs are incurred by the optional archiving and protection modules for all binary files that are ingested into the system and stored. Storage is billed based on total capacity used and is billed monthly.

In addition, the service includes a monthly binary egress bandwidth quota of ten (10) percent of the total binary storage purchased. The monthly binary egress bandwidth quota is consumed by downloading binaries through either the Records365 portal or public facing API.

For example, if the total amount of binary storage purchased is equal to 2 TB (terabytes) then the monthly binary egress bandwidth quota is 200 GB (gigabytes).

In the event that egress bandwidth is consumed at significantly higher quantities than the aforementioned quota, RecordPoint reserves the right to bill for the additional egress costs incurred.

Consulting and Support

Customer Support is provided as part of the Core Service. Additional Consulting Services are considered extra and are charged at pre-agreed rates.


Term contracts with pricing set for 12 months.

On the establishment of new services, a setup fee may be charged to the customer.

Service Options that are available to extend core functionality of the service may include their own contract term and pricing.


The Annual service fee is billable in advance based on base or minimum annual fee.

Additional charges are invoiced on an annual prorated basis.

Invoices are issued at the beginning of the month.


RecordPoint will automatically generate Renewal Invoices 30 days in advance of term expiry.